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About me:


I am a fully qualified, UKCP accredited psychotherapist and Certified Transactional Analyst.  I am a PTSTA (Provision Training and Supervising Transactional Analyst).  I hold a Diploma in Supervision, and am also a core tutor at the counselling and psychotherapy training institute The Link Centre.  


I am energetic and compassionate.  I view psychotherapy as a dynamic process, created between the two of us.  Generally speaking, my approach to psychotherapy is to play an active part. I intervene, I reflect, I share theory, and I ask questions. I am passionate about what I do and feel strongly that although psychotherapy can be emotionally challenging at times, it can also be exhilarating and inspiring.


I am trained to work with a wide range of issues. I have a special interest in working with those suffering from chronic health conditions; eating disorders; individuals currently, or who have been, involved in abusive relationships; and trauma.

I work within a Transactional Analysis (TA) framework.  Integral to TA are the beliefs that: 1) People all have the same inherent worth; 2) that people can think for themselves, and therefore, are able to take responsibility for their decisions; and 3) that people can change. 


These fundamental beliefs result in a non-judgemental approach, focused around empowering the individual to improve their lives as and how they see fit. I work within a humanistic and integrative framework, and as such, tailor the work to the individual depending on what they bring to psychotherapy.

I am a member of the UKCP, BACP, UKATA, EATA, and ITAA.  I have experience and training in Body Psychotherapy, Gestalt Psychotherapy, Existential Psychotherapy, Solution Focused Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

As well as working in private practice, I have previously worked as a volunteer counsellor for the NHS Criminal Reduction Initiative (CRI) service, 'Patched', and as a relationship counsellor for the charity 'Pavilion'.



PTSTA(P) (2020)

Diploma in Supervision (2018)

Certificate in Body Psychotherapy (2018)
Certified Transactional Analyst (CTA (P)) (2017) ​

Post Graduate Diploma in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy (2016)

Certificate in Relationship Counselling (2015)
Certificate in Counselling Skills (2012)
Foundation Certificate Transactional Analysis (2011-2012)
TA 101 (2011)



Working with Eating Disorders (2016)
Severe and complex trauma (2016)
Self care: A somatic approach (2016)
​Existential psychotherapy (2016)
Attachment, attachment disorders and trauma (2015)
​Working with trauma (2015)
Clinical training in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy (2012-2015)
Advanced training in sexual relationship dynamics (2014)
Substance misuse training (2013)
Working with carers of those who misuse substances (2013)
Advanced counselling skills (2013)
Training in Redecision Psychotherapy with Ian Stewart (2012) 

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