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Therapy Group for Trainee and Qualified Psychotherapists and Counsellors

*New Online Therapy Group Starting Feb 2023*

Limited spaces left in new online therapy group running between 6.30pm-8.10pm fortnightly on a Thursday.

Group therapy

For most people, deciding to come into individual therapy is daunting, and so the idea of joining a group is simply unimaginable.  However, by ruling out group therapy, we are ruling out an opportunity for real growth and change.  Group therapy is one of the most powerfully therapeutic experiences I have been apart of. 

Some of the benefits

  • One to one therapy offers you the opportunity to explore what self-limiting thoughts, feelings and behaviours you may have.  The hardest part of making real change for a lot of people, is taking this new found knowledge out into the "real" world.  Group therapy offers you a unique space to slowly experiment with acting differently in the world and with expressing yourself in a way you previously would not have allowed yourself to in front of a group of supportive individuals.  It acts as almost a "test run".

  • Listening to other people open up and express themselves, often sparks something in us to do the same thing also - meaning we start to unpick our process faster than we may have done in one to one therapy.

  • It is more affordable than one to one therapy.  If you are not in a financial position to commit to individual therapy, group is another option available to you. 

  • In group therapy, people often describe huge relief in hearing that other people also think and feel the same sort of things that they do. The realisation that you not alone, or "wrong" for thinking and feeling the way you do, can be a life changing experience for some people.

  • For trainees, group therapy can be a valuable learning experience, witnessing other people's process first hand, as well broadening your understanding of your own.

  • For TA trainees group therapy offers a different experience from individual work and counts towards your 40 hours.

First contact

If you are curious about the joining the group, please feel free to contact me.  If after initial contact, you are still interested, and we have not yet spoken on the phone, I suggest a short telephone call in order for us to find out a little bit more about one another. 


If at this point you still wish to pursue joining the group, we will arrange a suitable time to meet for an individual session in order for us to get to know each other a little more and for me to take a brief history from you. 

If you decide after this that you do wish to join the group, I ask for one group session payment upfront (£50) to secure your place.

What to expect

The group consists of between four and eight people. We meets at the same time, and on the same day, once a week, and the session lasts for two hours. This is an open-ended group, meaning that it will run indefinitely - or until a suitable time for the group to end becomes apparent. If spaces are available, new members may join after the group has begun. 

I ask individuals to commit to one year in order to ensure continuity within the group.  After which, as and when you decide to leave the group, please give 4 sessions notice to allow yourself and the group time to process anything unfinished.

The group is experiential and experimental. I tailor the work to the specific individuals, depending on what is presented. There is no pressure to reveal anything you are not comfortable with and you are free to choose to speak as little as you wish to.

Safety and boundaries are a top priority of mine. At the beginning of a new group forming, we all discuss and commit to confidentiality - meaning that members do not speak about what other people in the group have shared, outside of the therapy session.

I aim for each group to be an exciting and supportive environment. 

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