Relationship Issues

I have specialised training in working with relationships, and am experienced in working with a range of issues. 

For couples

Are you and your partner having communication problems?  Do you have the nagging feeling that you and your partner are not meeting your potential as a couple?  Has there been a betrayal, which you are struggling to get over? 

For Individuals

Have you experienced abuse in a relationship?  Are you still involved in such a relationship and struggling to leave?  Do you keeping finding yourself with the same sort of partner? 

Relationship Counselling

Couples counselling allows you and your partner the space to address any issues that you may be facing.

Support Group

A weekly support group consisting of between 5 - 8 females.  The group runs for 10 weeks at a time.  

One-to-one Psychotherapy

In individual therapy, we can work together to address any relationship issues you may have in more depth.